Sunday, November 23, 2008

In continuance....with J.K. Coi's blog post...

There are presently 57 comments posted on J.K. Coi's "Living With Immortals" blog where she featured me on Friday morning... since then I have disclosed a lot more than I (think) have before, with relation to The Other Side of Glory (second book to come) and Proud Souls. I think I have also done a great job of letting people see the real me...the Bobby Ozuna that wants to help any and everyone who calls on my service and the side of Bobby Ozuna who doesn't give a shit what others think about my writing abilities...and how I do both....

I think it was after I reached the 50th comment...that J.K. sent me a personal invite to return to her blog and this time discuss (in depth) the story behind the story for my follow-up novel: The Other Side of Glory.

Click here to read the thread if you missed it on Friday and please, stop by and review the comments...they are deep...borderline threatening...and (allowably) invasive...and I LOVE IT!

~Bobby Ozuna

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