Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Project PS"--November 7th, 2008

This is your chance to have YOUR review featured in the hardcover edition of Proud Souls!!!

If you have already shared a review of PROUD SOULS on, you are automatically in the running. For those of you who have considered writing a review, please, give me a chance to sway your minds...

In the hardcover edition of my book PROUD SOULS I am going to feature READER REVIEWS in the opening pages. Just as you open a best-selling novel with feature reviews written by major presses and magazines, I am going to feature the same manner. So, if you want to see your name and your thoughts of my novel in the opening pages of this new edition, please, navigate to and post your review.

You don't have to be a professional reviewer to share your thoughts and you are NOT obligated to write a good review for my benefit. Trust me, I was a reader LONG before I became an author and it's only right and fair to your fellow book lovers out there [that] you are honest with your feedback. Write down a few lines on how you felt when you read the book or share a favorite passage, it's that easy.

If you ordered the book on Amazon then you already have an account--which is required in order to post a review for any product sold on the Amazon storefront. Simply navigate to the URL below and click the button that says "Create Your Own Review" It's THAT EASY!!!

By the time the final cover is finalized, I will edit the original PROUD SOULS manuscript and add the reviews shared by my fans (YOU) within the opening pages of my novel. Then, as long as PROUD SOULS sales under my publishing company, your name and your thoughts will be viewed by the reading world. It's my special way of saying thank you...and proving just how much each individual reader means to me. I am fond of saying, I will make PROUD SOULS a reader at a time...and this is my chance to prove it...

I hope this gesture will be enough to sway you to consider sharing your thoughts on my novel, PROUD SOULS.

Thanks for the support everyone! OH! And don't can still share your thoughts and feedback on the new hardcover image, by visiting my previous posting and sharing your input.
~Bobby Ozuna


jessykamp said...

I am so happy for you, it looks like things are starting to pick up momentum. Good luck!

Bobby Ozuna said...

I surely hope so... If there is one thing EVERY aspiring author should know, it's this:
Success does not happen overnight, even when it seems like it does for some authors, you have to understand they have been working HARD for days on end prior to that big breakout moment.

I am still waiting on my BIG DAY, but until then...I press on...daily...when I'm tired...irritated...agitated...disgusted...fed up and especially when I hate writing. It's the truth.

Thanks for the feedback and kudos.

Your friend,

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