Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Proud Souls" eBook---FREE Download!!!

Here it is people...the FREE download to my first novel, Proud Souls. You can read it, print it, share it, link to it, do whatever you want with it.. (just don't try to play it off as your own)...

I only ask ONE thing.... If you read it for FREE...then review it for free on And if you don't have an amazon account...get one... or buy the book...

~Bobby Ozuna | November 2008
OzunaPub Proud Souls 9780615145273 eBook


Ashley said...

What your doing is awesome!!! I've just bought your book and I can't stop reading it!! It's an awesome story, and even though it's fiction it has so much truth and logic in it. I love the way you detail everything. It makes me feel like in the book watching the lives of these two young people! I love it! You wrote an awesome book! It has so much meaning and power in it! It's not just a story, it's like a miracle! I want to thank you for taking your time out of your day and giving it to someone like me. You give me hope and inspiration, as does your novel! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Ashley said...

Thanks Bobby!!!

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks for the purchase! I am so pleased that you are enjoying the book as much as you say. I hope you will consider writing a review for Amazon when you are finished.

Thanks for the support! I can't wait to see what you have to say!

jessykamp said...

Bobby, I just can't wait to read your next book. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the release date. I can't wait to see what my family and friends think about Proud Souls, I will be sure to tell them to leave a review for you.

Phylira, LLC said...

Great idea, you may have just started a new trend. I just purchased my hardcopy - can't wait to read it.

Phylira, LLC said...

Great idea, you may have started a new trend. I purchased my hard copy, can't wait to read it. Congrats...

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks for the kudos! I really hope you enjoy the book--free copy or your purchase. And I can't take credit for this idea of giving away that which I believe in the most...I got it from my literary mentor...Mr. Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. I figured I have done the best I can with my I will offer it to humanity to see what life offers me in return for the gesture.

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks for spreading the word and sharing my novel with all your friends. Be sure to keep it going...and maybe...just maybe, in time Proud Souls will get the recognition it deserves.

lost butterfly said...

Hello Bobby,

First, I wanted to thank you for having your novel available online. I am an apiring writer but have a long way to go yet. I recently became disabled after working as a nurse for almost 20yrs and it was and is tough to handle. I do write a regular newspaper column and the occasional magazine article and have just started working on a novel as well when I came upon your website. I also watched you on you-tube discussing Proud Souls and something you said struck me. It was something to the effect that someone said you may have been too descriptive. I for one am so very glad that you are descriptive. You certainly have a way with words, a method that allows the reader to be right in the moment. The manner in which you set forth the depth, and peculiarities within your characters is amazing, so amazing that not only do they jump off the page as you read, I almost feel as though I know them personally. That is a gift, to be able to bring characters to life such as you have done. I have very little to do these days with my ill health except write and read. Although I am not yet finished your book, I very much appreciate your depth of description,(awesome comes to mind)it allows me to escape for a while into your words and it distracts me from pain which is pretty tough to do. You so obviously have a God-given talent that you must use and I truly feel without a doubt that you are going to be wildly successful beyond your dreams! I wish you all the best and I will post again once I finish your book.

Take care and thank you,

Bobby Ozuna said...

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my novel and I GREATLY appreciate your time in reviewing it and sharing that review with the Amazon community. I wonder if I might pick your brain a moment and asked if there were any particular parts/scenes/passages that caught your attention the most?

Can't wait to hear from you!

Bobby Ozuna said...

For a talker, you have rendered me speechless... I am truly honored by your words and by your sincerity. I am sorry to hear of your recent disability. I have no doubt however that you will discover new strengths in spite of your adversity. That's a big reason why I have been successful as an author. See I believe we rise to occassions of greatness, only after we have dared to live life and even more so after we have fallen....sometimes we have to learn to be still...just long enough to listen to the silent whisper of our soul as it pleads to us...and begs for our that it may bless us with abundance of life... (but that's another story)

I was always the odd man out and my point-of-view and perception of life and people and circumstances of humanity have always been awkward and different. But yet, now some many years later I am the topic of those who feel my insight is right-on or incredible or brilliant, daring or even foreboding. That's the irony in our adversity and struggle to be normal...later....we are brilliant when earlier we were just plain ole' different....and we didn't fit in, you understand?

I hope you and I may remain friends and I hope I may become a light on your path as you venture towards creating your first novel and even the many more to come after that. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about Proud Souls when you are finished with the story!!! I am very excited to get your review.

Please stay in touch with me and forgive me for taking so long to respond. 2008 was a busy year for me and well...I took a month off!

Jeannette said...

Hello again,

I just joined you as a friend on facebook and after a tough time and several hospitalizations, I was finally able to get back to reading Proud Souls. I absolutely loved it! As I mentioned in my previous post, your depth of description is amazing and allowed me to escape into the world of your characters. As a reader yourself, I am sure you will understand my next was one of those books that I felt very sad at the end for there was no further pages to read. I wanted it to go on and on. (Did you ever think of a sequel for Proud Souls?) I will miss the characters that I came to feel I knew personally due to your gift with writing. I truly look forward to anything else you write in the future and I will also today add my comments to Amazon. I wish you the very best. Keep up the great writing. I for one will be applauding loudly as you climb the ladder of success, which I expect you will do without a doubt.

Take care

Bobby Ozuna said...

I wonder myself at times when I am lost within the world and the worlds within my mind--what ever happened to Justin after the story...

I doubt I will ever write a sequel to this novel...I like the idea that the characters stay with the reader long after The End has been drawn with the closing curtain.

I appreciate your words and what you have to say about my writing style... Trust me when I say, as wonderful as it is as a gift... it truly comes with a personal and emotional price.

Thanks for believing in me and please stay in touch...


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