Friday, January 30, 2009

"Marketing 101"--January 30th, 2009

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I recently finished the introductory chapter to my first non-fiction title: "The Independent Author--a non-traditional approach to self-publishing." This book will be more than a simple "how-to" book on the world of independent publishing. Yes, you can easily pick up a book and follow the steps and (somehow) miraculously achieve your goals. But what if your approach to self-publishing is off? What if you are getting into something with hopes that should you follow the necessary steps you will create the success you are hoping for without realizing the "steps" are only half the battle???

What if you move forward with the wrong mindset and fall short of completing the tasks described? What then? I compare this scenario to the person who says they wish to lose weight. After all, we all know what to do in order to shed those excess pounds, right? Eat better and exercise a little more and you are surely on your way towards creating the look and feel you want, right? I once worked as personal trainer for a very reputable fitness center and I recall many conversations with people who came to me with and said, "I want to lose weight." They said it as if I had a magic wand and after waving it over their head, they would somehow lose weight. They asked me to help them as though walking into the gym to purchase a high-dollar membership were truly enough to accomplish their desires. In the end many of them were upset, not because the (how-to) process of information wasn't accurate, they were instead approaching the situation with the wrong mindset. And because of that, many of them (I would guess 90% of them) never came close to seeing that desire become a reality. And it was not necessarily their fault. A major reason why they failed was because they failed to prepare themselves mentally for the journey ahead. The key word in that statement is journey.

A major reason why many of us come short of accomplishing our goals isn't because we lack the effort but more so because we lack the proper mindset critical towards completing a project in its entirety. My hope for you--my fellow artist--is to provide a philosophical (mental) approach to self-publishing in conjunction with a procedural (how-to) method for accomplishing your book publishing needs. I have been very successful and it has little to do with luck or timing or effort, but rather it has more to do with opportunity meeting my efforts (luck), the amount of time I put into seeing my dream become a reality (timing) and how far I was willing to go (effort) to see my life become that which I set out to create: A life as a full time writer and book publisher.

Success, as the author Jeff Olson puts it, is a process not the end result. I am not successful as an author if you consider success a destination. I have not yet arrived where I wish to be in my career. But I am successful because I understand the process for creating success. And with that attitude and approach and the vast knowledge of information I have collected these past three years, I have been able to surrender the corporate chains around my neck and work for myself, supporting my family with the gifts and talents I have been given as a writer. And that my friends is the wealth of knowledge I wish to share in my upcoming book: "The Independent Author, a non-traditional approach to self-publishing."

I will be sharing a story here soon (the introductory chapter of the book) on my blog entitled: "The Boy and his Garden." It is a simple (5 page) story about a boy who wished to become a gardener. But I must tell you, everything you need to know, to learn how to "create" success in your life is written within the pages of that story. If you can grasp it and learn how to apply the techniques to your life and your career as an author and indie book publisher, then you too can sit back one day and say, "Wow, look how far I have come."
I look forward to hearing your response on this topic. Please be sure to send me your comments and stay connected with me so you can read the story of "The Boy and his Garden."

I only wish success for you and it has been a great pleasure in helping so many others up the ladder as they venture towards achieving success within their literary careers. I believe together, as independents, we can accomplish anything. And my hope is that this new book will do just that for you.
Bobby Ozuna
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