Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--January 22nd, 2009

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce the next phase of my independent publishing career: The Soul of Humanity Internet Radio Show. I will use this show to publicize and promote independent artists from every facet of the creative world, giving back as much as I have been given in my literary journey...

The shows will stream LIVE over the Internet each Wednesday night @ 7PM CST and every week I will host a different author, artist, musician, etc and feature their work so we can ask the questions that matter the most: How they got where they are today...

Like many of you I started out small--with only a dream, an idea, a vision for what I believed my life could become. Now, some ten years after the first day I ever dared to pick up the pen, I am not only working to publicize and promote my own novel: Proud Souls but the works of others using creative (outside the box) measures like this blog, to help others along their path. It is imperative, if you wish to obtain a goal or see a dream become a reality, that you FIRST learn to pay it forward and help others along the way. Unlike the corporate world, where everything is cut-throat and people step over you to "get ahead" we have the privilege of allowing others to use our backs to help move them up the ladder. And instead of saying, so-and-so moved up before me, we should say instead: I helped ten others up the ladder and NOW ten others will be there to lift me up the ladder...

I have already begun booking various artists for my show; February and March of 2009 are now full. Below is a quick list of some of the artists you can expect to see (hear) on my show in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to stop by and say hello and then on the day of their interview, I will post a blog featuring that artists and their work. During the interview you will be able to send me an email here and I will ask as many questions to my guests as possible. If you can't get through, a better way of contacting my guest is by posting a blog comment on the day of their interview (before, during and after) and my guests will work to respond to each of you after the interview is over. Also, some of my guests (and I hope all of them) will be raffling off free prizes for the comment of their choice.

I am looking for sponsors as well. So, if you have a business you would like to advertise (web) and promote (over the air) please feel free to contact me for rates. "The Soul of Humanity" is a spinoff of the Artists First Radio Network reaching over 1.2 Million listeners per month. Every interview will be archived on my show's page forever. So by being a guest on my show, you get a blog posting from me,w hich allows fans to comment and find you on the Web and an archived copy of our LIVE streaming interview.

I look forward to a great year everyone and I can't wait to meet and greet and discuss every aspect of your creative endeavors. It's time you get some credit for all your hard work.

FEBRUARY SHOWS!!! (all shows stream LIVE on Wednesday's @ 7PM CST)
  • Feb 18th: Rene Ozuna--musician/musical instructor and member of "The Tropix"
  • Feb 25th: J.K. Coi-- author and blog host for "Living With Immortals"
In summation...I wrote the following lines to express my purpose and my vision behind my show: "The Soul of Humanity"

"Artists of the world add color to the cultures of every society... The musicians and singers are the songs by which the culture is celebrated... the writers are the voice of the people of the times...the painters and sculptors draw the worlds and icons that identify a people. Artists teach us how to dance...and how to laugh and how to imagine a world outside the scope of our sight... If you stripped a society naked of their would be left with a bleak world of pawns on a black and white canvas without a voice, without a thought, a song, a dance or the imagination to know what you are missing."
~Bobby Ozuna, Jan. 2009
~Bobby Ozuna
Ozuna Publications
"Drawing Stories...With Words"


Theresa Lehr said...

Love your philosophy about helping other artists. We shouldn't feel threatened by each other, but encouraged by the gifts we all have. Love the cover art of your novel, PROUD SOULS. Beautiful and symbolic.

essaadams said...

Bobby - just reading your blog posts. What impacted me is your understanding of the support we offer one another. That there is not really a competition, it is a tapestry we weave within our special interests in life. Later. essa

essaadams said...

Hi Bobby - was just reading through your posts. What impacted me is how you understand we are never in competition. That each person is involved in weaving a tapestry with other sin their same life interests and supporting them. Later. essa

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks Theresa... That artwork was created by the very talented...Maria Sanchez of We met almost two years ago and I told her about my book and she painted me what is now called: The Proud Souls tree. That painting hangs proudly in my room...and how I came to have Maria for my artist of my first novel is proof of how we can help one another out...without worry about what's in it for me???

Bobby Ozuna said...

The most crucial aspect of becoming successful in anything in this world, is FIRST learning how to help others along the way. Yes, you can luck into fortune or a position at work or even get away with something for a time....but that all depends upon momentum...and we all know: Momentum soon fades away...but to build a true career you have to build tenure and before a tenure there is the reputation of those within your industry that they can count on you...believe in you...and turn to you...and you in turn...can do the same for them.

Thanks for stopping sure to subscribe to my blog to stay current with all new posts...

Jessie O. said...

That last paragraph brought a tear to my eye. It would certainly be a bleak world without people like you and the ones who came before you and the ones like me that are looking up the ladder to the ones who are reaching for us. You are an inspiration and it is everything good and wonderfull you deserve. I hope you don't get too busy, but I hope your soul and pockets are filled to the brim. You deserve this Buddy... ; )

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks for the well wishing...I truly appreciate it. I was speaking to a new friend and associate, Ms. Melissa Williams, author of Iggy the Iguana and in talking it is amazing to realize how far we have come and how much we can accomplish together. I hope in all my success I keep true to my commitments and progress I have made these past few years. For me, its more than the money...naturally we write books to sale them but for me its more than that... Writing Proud Souls was only the first step and because of that book I was (now) able to offer much more to the world, using every artistic gift in my benefit--all for the sake of helping others and offering something back to the world. Just I am some 33 years young...a dreamers imagination and a child's heart...and by writing one book and not to mention hours of study along the way, I am able to connect people together, inspire others in my speech, teach others through my words, lead others with my learning and introduce others with my voice... with my Big Mouth...with the one thing that was always a hindrance in my life...

I can't wait to see what is waiting out there in the vast uncharted seas of my journey... and I can't wait to see who I help along the way....and who lifts me up just when I think I am drowning...

You are truly and amazing friend. Thanks for accepting me for me...and for believing in the greater gifts the world has to offer...

Donna M. McDine said...

Bobby...inspiring post. It is so very true in this life of helping one another is much more rewarding. I'll be in touch.

Best wishes,
Donna McDine

Bobby Ozuna said...

Very nice to meet you and thanks so much for the kudos!!! I love it when people help one another...

Be sure to catch my show, The Soul of Humanity each Wednesday night and don't forget to subscribe to this blog and stay current with news, marketing tips, advice on writing and guest appearances for my show.

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