Monday, April 20, 2009

"PS: We Wanna Know"--April 20th, 2009

Tonight I will be featured on "The Perceptive Marketing Hour" with host, Sandy Lawrence of Perceptive I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy at a book publishers conference in Houston, Texas at the beginning of this year and since then we have worked to establish a wondeful business relationship. Her organization, based out of Houston, Texas, specializes in author book promotion and work as a publicist firm. Tonight we will discuss the various aspects of my literary career--from my work as an independent author of PROUD SOULS, to updates about my follow-up novel, BORDERS, my vision for lectures within the literary community and lastly my efforts to support the world of independent artists on my Internet Talk Show, "The Soul of Humanity."

You can catch the show LIVE tonight @ 7PM CST via the Artist First Radio Network by navigating to the following URL and clicking the Listen Live/On Air button @ 7PM CST.
Don't forget to post your comments, questions or feedback HERE on this blog or if you wish to have your comments read tonight over the air, send them here.

The Perceptive Marketing Hour on The Artist First Radio Network

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

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A Writer's World-Melissa Williams said...

I'm loving your interview, Bobby! It's about time someone interviewed YOU. ;O) I think I may have actually found out a few things I didn't know! Who would have thought. Keep up the good work!

Bobby Ozuna said...

Melissa Marie Williams... Uh, what would that be???

Thanks for listening and thanks more so for becoming such a huge supporter of my efforts, my work and my aspirations to be something greater than I have been....

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Need an Illustrator for your next book project?
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