Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--April 22nd, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--April 22nd, 2009

I have made social networking a part of my everyday life and in doing so, I have subscribed to, participated in and argued various blogs, articles and experts along the course of my four-year journey within the world of indie publishing. But it was not until recently that I began following author discussions within the Amazon community. For reasons beyond my own understanding, I never felt inclined to join discussion boards on an online book forum, full of other writers. Weird huh? Well, I did it and since then I have collected a great many new friends and followers, supporters of my efforts to support the dreams and aspirations of others, like myself.

Tonight I will feature one of the many contributing indie authors found within the various discussion boards on the Amazon community. Tonight's guest, Edward C. Patterson, is the author of (at least) 11 books and is a contributor to the support, efforts and passions indie authors bring to the collective world of literature.

Join us tonight for our LIVE, commercial free discussion via the Artist First Radio Network as we discuss aspects of his life as an an artist. Don't forget to leave comment, question or feedback HERE on this blog tonight (or direct to me during the show here) and you could be the recipient of a free autographed copy of his novel, "The Jade Owl" featured below and on my right-hand sidebar of this blog.

Show Time: 7PM CST, on "The Soul of Humanity" show with Bobby Ozuna

*Click this URL @ 7PM CST to stream LIVE via your computer's media player*

To learn more about tonight's guest, Edward C. Patterson or view more information about his work as an indie author, follow the URL's below:

Edward's Homepage:
Edward's Book Bibliography on Amazon:
Edward's Blog:


2.) Self Publishing Book Expo in NYC, November 2009 / Read more HERE
3.) "Do you write for pleasure or money?" on Book Marketing Buzz blog

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~Bobby Ozuna

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Nancy said...

Good evening Edward, Tuned in a bit late, but how hard is it for you to keep all the story lines straight with so many books in the works at any given time? (Sidebar, Bobby, your book and written word is wonderful)

Sandy Nathan said...

GREAT SHOW! Bobby––I had not listened before but plan on being a regular. How great to hear Ed's voice. We've been "online compadres" in the book world, but I got a much greater sense of him––and you, Bobby––from the spoken voice. Thanks, gentlemen.

OK. Bobby's Trace is NOT too long. It's perfect. A little gem, perfectly executed. My first Kindle purchase. Love it.

I'm finding The Jade Owl wonderful. Ed has created an ensemble of characters that is a scream––yet he makes them believable. Count me in as a reader and fan, Ed.

The nice thing about Ed's work is that there's LOTS of it, so you won't run out. I'm looking forward to reading and enjoying for a long time.

And Bobby, I ordered your book from Amazon today.

Sandy Nathan, author of Numenon & Stepping Off the Edge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,

Thank you so much for the mention and for putting a link to my blog. I've only just seen your comment there so missed your show- do you have a facility for listening to a recorded version?
I must also say that the amount of support I have received from the States is amazing- you seem to be far more open and less dismissive of indie publishing in general.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Oh, right, just found the archive- will have a listen to some past shows and add links to you on my blog etc.

Bobby Ozuna said...

Sandy Nathan:
Well, its a pleasure to meet you!!!
I appreciate you supporting Ed and I during last night's show and more so, thank you for the purchase of Proud Souls. I hope you find as much (or even half as much) pleasure in my novel, as you seem to have had in Ed's works...

Thanks for supporting us. I hope we can feature you one day on the show!

Bobby Ozuna said...

I am truly glad you enjoyed the blog reference and I hope more than that, you enjoy my archived shows...

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, etc... Be sure to subscribe to my blog also, so we can stay in touch. I will be keeping up with your blog too!

Your friend in Texas...and fellow artist...


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