Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--April 1st, 2009

Hello everyone. Tonight I will feature author Cleo Dunnit and discuss the story-behind-story of her work as a Forensic Psychiatric Nurse in a maximum security prison for males in New York State. It seems most of us are somehow affected by the prison system, and at times we choose to ignore the chaos of that world. Listen tonight as author Cleo Dunnit details some of her experiences within the world of the American prison system on her side of the bars...

I have applied the Amazon widget (above) to help link directly to her book's storefront page on Be sure to tune in tonight and share your feedback, comments and even pose questions right here on my blog to win a FREE auto-graphed copy of her book, "My Side of the Bars."

Also, remember I am taking author contributions via PayPal to help promote your book and your work as an indie author. So, if you want your book plugged to my average weekly listening audience of 6,000 listeners, contact me here for more details.

I am also looking for sponsors to help support my efforts to support the world of independent publishing. This show is not only meant to help authors, but once already I featured a musician and on April 15th, I will feature pop music artist: Misha Williams of Nashville, Tennessee.

Tonight I will discuss literary options for indie authors AFTER they have created their bound published work and also introduce a new concept to me: the lecture agent.

Show Time: 7PM CST
Location: "The Soul of Humanity" on the Artist First Radio Network
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Bobby Ozuna said...

Remember people... my guest, Cleo Dunnit is giving away one free autographed copy of her book, "My Side of the Bars" tonight to a lucky commentor on this blog...

Nancy said...

Cleo, you say and I agree, from what little I know about it, that the prison system needs to be revamped. Since writing your book have you had any special interest groups approach you wanting your input or support in prison reform??? Sounds like a very interesting read, look forward to checking it out. said...

Besides vocational training and opportunities for educational advancement, in what ways do you feel corrections staff could motivate inmates to improve themselves with the ultimate goal of thriving in society?

Thank you for your contribution toward the reformation of the prison system.

Bobby Ozuna said...

Cleo!!! Thanks for being on my show!!! I appreciate you taking the time to share your insight into "how" you came to write the book. I hope you enjoyed it! Finish that second book and who knows, next time around Bobby Ozuna might have his own television show!!!???

Nancy said...

Cleo, I don't know enough about the system to give you a good answer, but I am sure the correction's staff are very underappreciated and are not the ones responsible for changing the system. I just wondered, having not read your book yet, if you had been approached because of your firsthand experiences. It was a pleasure to listen to your interview with Bobby. Best wishes, ...

Cleo Dunnit said...

Nancy Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Unfortunately no special interest have contacted me. I would be very happy to work with various groups for prison reform. My blog site is Maybe after this interview some groups will contact me.

Cleo Dunnit said...

Hi Mariean What an excellent question. I think one of the first ways the prison system in addition to education and vocational opportunities, is to teach the inmates self discipline and self respect. I saw so many times the inmates had no self respect. How can anyone have respect for anything or anyone else if they do not have respect for themselves. Many inmates talk about respect but unfortunately they see fear as respect. If they are feared, they are respected. I think prison reform must take on of the individual and some tough love approach. If for no other reason than assisting the inmates to feel better about themselves. If a person does not feel good about themselves, they cannot progress to a better place. Thank you for your comment and please feel free to go to my blog site at http://cleodunnit.blogspot,com/

Cleo Dunnit said...

Bobby. I want to thank you for having me on your show. I really enjoyed it. I would also like to thank your listeners for their time. I hope they also enjoyed it. I am looking foward to their comments.

Cleo Dunnit said...

Nancy. You are absolutely correct. Most of the Corrections Officers are decent, hard working people. I think they are under paid and under appreciated. I want prison reform as much for them as I do the inmates. Most of the problems in my opinion were with high management. I don't know why special interest groups have not tried to contact me. I think people, in regards to prison reform think out of sight out of mind. Maybe my book will make enough noise to bring it into sight. At least that is what I am hoping. I really appreciate your time and your insightful comments. Wishing you the best

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