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"The Soul of Humanity"--May 6th, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--May 6th, 2009

Tonight on The Soul of Humanity, I will feature author Rebecca Lerwill and discuss her book, The Acronym--White Nights of St. Petersburg. (Below is a short blurb about her book.) We will discuss her approach to writing, the reasons behind writing this particular novel and also cover concepts of her struggles to create success.

You can link to the Amazon storefront to purchase your copy of this book--The Acronym--White Nights of St. Petersburg--on the right hand sidebar to this blog.

The Acronym crosses demographics and blurs the boundaries of murder, suspense, lust and passion in an intriguing story of espionage. "The Acronym's thriller focus keeps the reader on edge," says Lerwill. "The dangerous encounters in St. Petersburg delve you into the Russian mafia's sinister motives."

Show Time: 7PM CST, Wednesday May 6th, 2009 via the Artist First Radio Network
Show Place: The Soul of Humanity on Artist First Radio Network
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Be sure to share your thoughts, comments and feedback here on this blog. You can connect with my guest, Rebecca Lerwill by following any of the links below. Be sure to tell her you found here on Bobby's blog or heard her on "The Soul of Humanity."

Check out the feature blog spot for Rebecca Lerwill on David Schleicher's blog. The topic and title of Independent (Self) Publishing.

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Bobby's Talking Points for Wednesday May 6th, 2009

*Writer's League of Texas Book Awards--Deadline May 15th
*Writer's League of Texas Agent Conference, 2009
*Plug Your Book, by Steve Weber
*The Writer's Journey, Mythic Structures for Writers, 3rd Ed. by Christopher Vogler
*Self-Publishing Manual, by Dan Poynter

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edwpat said...

As usual, Bobby, a wonderful show. Rebecca, my friend, what a beautiful approach to things - great listening to you. Wundebar!

(doin' a dance. You know which one)

Anonymous said...

Bobby, this is like the age-old question about which came first, the chicken or the egg. Here's how: Rebecca was great...the conversation flowed and could have rolled for hours...but was she a great guest who made your show go well? or were you a great interviewer tonight, in such a way that you made her sound great? BOTH I think. Well done.

Yale R Jaffe
author, Advantage Disadvantage

ellen geoge said...

Bobby - Rebecca Lerwill is a wonderful author and it was a pleasure to hear her thoughts on writing and tell of her excellent books.
I appreciate the mention - helps me get in the groove to write my novel THIRST!
God Bless and keep doing what you are doing!
ellen - joining Ed in a conga dance with stilettos and a boa!

Robert A Meacham said...

I grew up in Fort Worth.

Lets get to it; Great show, inspiring, helpful, and interesting. The show definately exposed the human soul, the will for creativeness.
I enjoyed this a great deal.

rebeccal said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I loved talking to Bobby and I think we could have filled the airways much longer. Independent film making vs independent book publishing is a hot topic and I'd love to discuss it further.
We forgot to mention this: There is one signed copy of The Acronym waiting for a listener. Bobby will choose the appropriate recipient from this blog. So comment away, folks!
Again, thanks for having me, Bobby.

Rebecca Lerwill, author of The Acronym

Mark M said...

Good show - I enjoyed listening. I would have liked to know more about Rebecca's book. It sounds interesting but we didn't hear much about it.

rebeccal said...

Mark M - please visit my website. You will find a lot of information there about both of my books. Sorry we got carried away talking about self-publishing, but for me it's important to share my experience with others as an author.

Rebecca Lerwill, author of The Acronym

Anonymous said...

Again, another fabulous show from Mr. Bobby Ozuna with another fabulous guest named Ms. Rebecca Lerwill!!!

It is a blessing to all authors out there that this show is archived...such valuable information was shared!

Ms. Lerwill's Relocating Mia is an incredible read. As Bobby and Rebecca said, we improve as we hone our craft....I can't imagine how amazing The Acronym must be!!!

J.R. Reardon

Anonymous said...

Becca and Bobby I listened to the whole program (unusual for me!) It went very well,all of the comments and topics you discussed were relevant to Authors of every stripe,but especially the Independants. High praise of the Shameless site was very well done by both of you. Excellent discourse about writing and publishing as an Independant Writer.You were on track all the way through the program and presented your points well.The enthusiasm level of the banter between you was animated and kept my interest up. I enjoyed hearing you.I feel I know you a bit better as a result. Very well done! :-) Jacamo Peterson

Yale R Jaffe said...

Bobby, I love how "Paying it Forward" runs through your veins - it's not your marketing strategy, instead it seems to be an ingrained thought, maybe Blind Faith. As in the PIF legend, it all comes back, and then some. So big things are surely in store for you my friend!

Yale R Jaffe

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks again for the kudos! I loved talking to Rebecca tonight. She was really a wonderful guest this evening...and I am working on bringing her back in the future...


Bobby Ozuna said...

Hey everyone, be sure to read/comment on Rebecca's blog spot for David Schleicher's blog. I have added the link in this present blog post. (Go back to the main article above to find the link.)

It's a great article and it relates to the topic we touched on: Indie Film VS Indie Publishing.

~Bobby Ozuna

Bobby Ozuna said...


I am honored to respond to this comment.... I can't toot my own horn here...Becca was the ideal guest--alive, vivid, passionate and excited about her work and we had no gaps in conversation. I hope she will accept my invitation to return later in the year and perhaps offer some feature news/articles for this blog. Tonight's show as a blast for me!

Thanks for listening Yale!

Bobby Ozuna said...


It truly was a blessing to speak with Becca tonight and especially hear the confirmation of thoughts and viewpoints and perceptions on the passions of writing. It's nice when we find people who share the same common interests and approach to partaking on this journey.

I am a firm believer in the word ACCOUNTABILITY. You have mentioned it here on this blog--and the Amazon Shameless forum--so it's time to get to work on THIRST!!! I am here, as are many others, to help see it through to completion!

It's a bit too late in the hours for me to dance in my small apartment...but I am dancing in my mind tonight!!!!

Bobby Ozuna said...

From one fellow Texan to another... thanks so much! You know, I really really worked the "own backyard" scene when I first started writing and I couldn't get anywhere...then one day I went to a book signing--outside of Fort Worth--and the book store owner said, "You're always famous away from home..." Boy was he right!

I hope you keep listening every week. Hit me up whenever you want to talk books...


Bobby Ozuna said...

Great minds Becca...Great minds...

It wasn't that we didn't want to focus on Rebecca's's just, to be quite honest, that's stuff a bit boring. She and I have the same philosophy...if you want to know what the book's about, read it online. I would prefer each guest get an opportunity to show the more personal side of who they really are--you know, the side that truly identifies with readers--and if you love them enough, you may be willing to try their work, even if you didn't know what it was about....

Just a thought. Thanks for the comment!

PS: I hope you liked the plug!!! I will make it a bit more interesting next week!!!

Bobby Ozuna said...

J.R. Reardon:
Wow! Thanks for the kudos!!!

Becca truly made the show...I mean, I run my mouth all the time, but it's nice when someone else sparks intriguing conversation and even goes as far as to challenge me. I mean, after all...I'm just a writer!

Thanks for tuning in!

rebeccal said...

I would like to thank everyone again for your lively comments here. Feed back on our work as independent authors is often scarce and every note is highly appreciated.

Write on!
Rebecca Lerwill
award-winning author of Relocating Mia and The Acronym

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thank you so much for the kudos and more so for taking the time to listen to the entire program. I am very happy to hear I/we were able to keep your interest in the entire length of the show. Rebecca was a wonderful guest...I couldn't have done it without her!!! I hope you continue to listen each week and perhaps one day, you might consider being a guest???


Bobby Ozuna said...

Again, thank you! My pay-it-forward mentality stems from several philosophies and more so by simple human trial and error. I am a Christian and therefore I feel obligated to hone in on my natural ability to (want to) serve others. Some of the greatest leaders of our times and generations past were those who understood the service attitude towards leadership. If I am to become effective in my abilities, I have to learn to serve others. God has given me gifts--of talking, teaching, inspiring, writing, etc--and this platform--my show--has been one of many blessings I have received along my journey. Therefore, I feel it is imperative that I utilize this platform for the benefit of others. I don't know of any other place right now--because I have searched and had doors closed in my face--specifically designed to promote the efforts of indie authors and publishers. If together we can sound an alarm that tells every indie book publisher in America, that this show can benefit them, reach a GRAND world-wide listening audience, then I am utilizing this platform as a benefit for others. Then in time we will create the valid success we deserve, by the efforts of our passion.

I hope you stay with me on this journey and let me know what I can do to help it is now my calling, my responsibility and my pleasure.

Your friend,
~Bobby Ozuna

Chris Wood said...

I'm glad it's going well and happy to see you in better spirits! Hope you're rounding that corner, fella ...

Bobby Ozuna said...

What up my brotha? Thanks for the support... you know I had to overcome a "threshold guardian" in my life (which happened to be me, by the way) and since that moment of enlightenment, I am now on track... I have some BIG news coming up for my indie publishing fans and friends and I will begin making the announcements slowly over the next few weeks...LOTS and LOTS of work to do...

Stay in touch Chris...

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