Thursday, December 17, 2020

Down the biblical rabbit hole I go....

Have you ever worked on a writing project--you know, a simple writing project--and then, found yourself writing something totally different, and complex, within the body of the simple? If you haven't, you're fortunate--if you have--I'm sorry, I feel your pain.

This third bible study has been no easy task. I've spent now, close to 4 weeks studying the 3rd chapter of the epistle of James, in what should have been a relatively easy project. I say that, primarily, because the first two study guides over James, chapters 1 and 2, come out with relative ease. I think this third chapter has spoken to me so much, so intently, that I find myself expanding too far beyond the initial message, drafting, somewhat and somehow, another study entirely within the pages of this very short chapter. I've been stuck on two areas within this chapter's outline--the severity of improper teaching (gulp) and the source of biblical Wisdom. Both of these topics strike to the very heart of me, that when I start drafting questions to help the audience discover the message, I look up to realize I've written days of worth questions that should have lasted one day. I'm in an endless cycle of minimize and fluff--one moment I have the simple, yet profound questions drafted for the final two days of study, only to read over my draft and realize I've written days worth of content. 

So, what's the answer? Another study, no doubt! I think I need a study that focuses on biblical wisdom and Godly understanding. There is so much meat to be taken from this chapter and I'm in my 3rd re-write of the same 18 passages of scripture. That's the life of the student and the teacher, isn't it? 

Thanks and happy studying....

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