Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Corrido"--a tale of pursuing personal dreams...and the fate of ignoring the whisper of your soul...

I wrote a story once about a young man who was yet to find his place within the creative world. I have come to believe that all people--whether you believe it or not--have a talent and gift unique to ONLY them... and I further believe that if you choose to ignore the inner voice of your creativity, you are hindering your soul's ability to find complacency and peace within the harmony of your life. To draw a contrast between those who are still "seeking answers" and those who have chosen to ignore the inner voice of their soul, I created a story called "Corrido." I hope you enjoy it... and please, share your comments here...

NOTE: On the Sribd menu above the document, and on the far right hand side, there is a small icon (dark shaded square with a small white square inside)...that icon will allow you to view the story in full screen mode. You can print it or save it and read it later if you wish. This story was used by Ms. Priscilla Lancarte and her graduating English class at Tech High School in Fort Worth, in 2007.



jessykamp said...

Wow! I loved that story. I have been waiting to read that since I was first blessed with your company, and I don't know how I didn't see it on the blog earlier. Well worth the wait.

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thank you...I am working on a comment/post for your story, The Tortured Soul. I absolutely loved the story...it was well written and REAL...I can tell you got into the character...the way a real writer is supposed to....

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