Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Essence of Masculinity

"A real man is a warrior; He fights for those who can't fight for themselves. He is a Leader, who isn't afraid to challenge the system, to bring about change he knows the world so desperately needs. He serves a cause greater than himself and he is lovingly compassionate and he is a romantic. His heart yearns both to love and to conquer and he is not ashamed to bow his head and take a knee before the God he so passionately serves, for he knows full well the essence and origin of his true masculinity and strength."

Bobby Ozuna | November 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Father's Right and Duty

"Fathers: Dare to love your children today. Dare to defend their right to be free-loving spirits. Dare to defend their right to the best education possible, at any cost necessary, to inspire them to learn. Dare to defend your sons' rights to be weak, as they aren't animals, but rather, reflections of both you, as their father, and their mother. Dare to show them by example, when to be strong. Dare to defend the virtue of your daughters and nurture the importance of defending and protecting their virginity, and lastly, dare to show them how to be a man and what a man should be. Don't fear to fail them, because that is the bain of our existence, the spear that penetrates our hearts, which was born first in the men who have failed us previously, stretching forth to the very fall of Adam, but instead dear Fathers,  fear more, who or what will teach them what you aren't willing to show them in your walk, by living example."

Bobby Ozuna | November 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Child's Academic Success Depends Upon a Parent's Willingness to Let Them Fail!

A Child's Academic Success Depends Upon a Parent's Willingness to Let Them Fail!

It has been my experience that a child's ability to succeed in the classroom is somehow directly correlated to their comfort or how safe they feel with (what we commonly refer to as) failure. And in my experience I have learned [that] one key element in teaching your child HOW to succeed (yes, I said how to succeed) is first allowing them the freedom to feel comfortable with failure.

First, let's define the word failure. Merriam-Webster defines the word failure (noun) as the 'lack of success.' Having taught leadership courses in the past, I am very adamant about first, understanding that success cannot be attained without a certain degree (or mass quantities) of short-comings, setbacks, delays, hindrances, downfalls, etc., etc., etc. Secondly, success is an illusion. What one person considers a success, another might consider a failure. So, you ask, what's the point? The point is, unless you have a clear vision of what success means within your household, how can you then limit a child or hold a child accountable for failing? You have to ask yourself, what is the true measure of academic success for me?
Is it...
  • Learning?
  • Grades/Grape Point Average?
...because there is a difference between these two objectives/goals. I can hardly elaborate on the second point, as it is of little significance to me. Being a professional tutor and parent (not to mention a person who simply sees life for what it is--just life) I put little weight on grades. To me, the most important aspect of school is learning. 

I shall elaborate, as this is the example I share with many parents, as it relates to their child's success (or failures?) in the classroom.

Many of us might not recall the first time we rode a bike. But, as parents we may have a strong recollection of the day our child first rode (or attempted to ride) a bike. Unless your child was blessed by the gods, so to speak, and born to ride bikes for a living, many of them would have fallen, not once, but multiple times, even with you standing, walking, or running behind them, the first time they attempted to ride. Many of our children cried when they fell the first time. Many of our children were too scared to get back up, but miraculously, they did. Did they do it because they found the will within themselves to keep going? Or, did they do it because they learned the will to succeed within our firm support and committed diligence, all in the name of faith and love in our children? I believe they learned to ride because we didn't measure their falls as failures, but instead, as necessary steps towards achieving the monument of success--and in this particular instance--it was riding their bike!

Now, let's take that same example and apply it to schoolwork or homework. A child tries, attends class, does as their peers do, and sometimes they just 'can't get it.' It has been my experience that instead of running beside them, encouraging them, and pushing them onward, even reminding them of the many times we have fallen before in our own lives, parents seem to get upset. If a child feels discouraged, they can't learn. It takes two things to learn in this world--the right attitude and an attempt.

I speak from example when I say it is hard--very hard--to separate our emotions when attempting to 'help our kids' with homework. I am a professional tutor and yes, I still get help for my children. Why? Because we can't believe they need help. Or, we assume, if we did it, they, somehow (perhaps genetically? magically?) should 'get it' too. Sometimes we get upset, not because they can't 'get it' but more so, because we cannot. It is oftentimes fear--fear of them failing, fear of them not having great opportunities later, etc.--that cause us to react, not out of love, but out of anger. This is what we must address.

My first recommendation--let go of the fear. Failure is the lack of success. Success is an illusion. Success is relative to each individual circumstance. You and your child learned how to ride a bike, ONLY AFTER having fell once or twice before. It is within the fall we appreciate the ride. School is no different. Don't be so scared to let them fail a test, a homework assignment, or a six-weeks grade for that matter, if, in the long run, it helps them truly learn.

...the serving father...

See my column on The!

Friday, October 7, 2011

New Column Focuses on the Efforts and Necessity of the Father in the Lives of Their Children

Bobby Ozuna on The!

Recent changes in my life have prompted me to return to my original love, the true passion of my life--and the one true gift bestowed upon me by the Lord--writing.

Recently, my life has changed and a wonderful circumstance has come before me. My sons, Dominic and Damian, are now living with me full-time! I believe there is no greater treasure and reward for a father! Now, whether this venture is short-term or long-term matters little to me; what matters most is this: that I make the most of the time I am given with them. And in the true spirit of serving, I am going to begin sharing my experiences as a new-found "single daddy" and what better way than with a regular column on The Examiner!

Today, my first of many articles has released on The Please, subscribe, re-post, re-tweet, share and spread the word, and most importantly, read the content!

My first article, "Today's Single Dad Needs to Remember Mom's Greatest Lesson in Parenting" is now available from The Examiner!

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the support.

...the Serving Father...

~Bobby Ozuna

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who Shall Lead True Educational Reform in America?

There have been some great responses and a collection of private emails sent to me regarding my recent post, both here on this website and on my Facebook wall. (See Question: Why Impose an Educational System, That Has Limits On Its Ability to 'Educate'?)

Below is my response and further argument.


It is imperative [that] people--our society--is forded the opportunity to hear perspectives from each of the three (the three essential pillars for appropriate societal education of our children)...the school system (representatives), the educators themselves and the parents. If a consensus could be reached between the three, we would have, I believe, created the ideal and most appropriately functional basis for an appropriate educational 'system.' Now, how we go about that is the general issue I believe. If we are to properly educate our children, it will take efforts on all sides to cooperate together. Now, its no easy task, that we know. But I think, and I am fond of teaching, self-awareness is the key to growth. We as a society must first realize, our system of education IS broken. Then, relieving special interest and primarily, money, we need to embark on a journey to discover a better means of offering an education to our children. Someone must take the reigns and someone must lead, and that leader must follow the council and direction, requests and passions of the people he/she leads. Apathy I believe will be the very cause of the decline of such an ambitious endeavor.

I think, historically, we are doing the right thing by first discussing it. There are people who care, but don't know where to begin. There are people who wish to care, but aren't sure of the 'facts (which are and should be contested). There are also people who could care less and see the system as a functional tool for processing drones, as you say, in efforts to keep cash-flow running smoothly. I see as a vision a new system, born by a combination of what has worked in the past, and what can be applied for the future, mixed with traditional and nontraditional methods. Who shall lead the charge is open to public determination. Whether or not that leader can bind Apathy, well, that is another fight altogether.

~Bobby Ozuna

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why impose an educational system, that has limits on its ability to 'educate'?

With the dramatic decrease in employees & staff in our school systems...I wonder, should we, as parents and community members...cease to send our children to school? If we are 'failing' with full staff, what will we become with a severely limited availability of resources? What's the point?

If the system is already designed to "tell" not insight "free thought"...then why can't we just tell them what to do already? Why can't they read and study books on their own, without fear of being judged by "minimal test scores"? Why not encourage them to think freely and prepare them, as a parent, as a community, for a college system that doesn't "tell them what to know" but rather, encourages them to "think for themselves?"

Apart from "having to go to school" because its "the way we do things in America"--why do we really have to (or why would we want to) send them to school?

~Bobby Ozuna

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is Freedom physical or simply a state of mind?

Would you say FREEDOM is something tangible, something physical, something you can touch, taste, smell, hear or would you say FREEDOM is mental, something that exists within the "reality" of your mind--a state of being?

What is your stance on the 'concept' or 'illusion' of FREEDOM?

Can you possess it or perhaps only live within its realm?

Feel free to share your thoughts...

...serving the soul of humanity...


Thursday, June 9, 2011

The subtle and pervasive reality, of Reality Television.

The irony and the aspect of "reality" TV that should scare us the most is this: First, that TV producers consider the nonsense as "reality" and secondly, by not being overly critical, we are (seemingly) allowing these (types of) shows to instill a new set of values in our community, family and children, which then in turns becomes OUR "reality."

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Cycle of Patterns: Introduction

[This is the first part in a series of articles which are draft forms of the new non-fiction booklets I am writing to help bless, edify, encourage and mentor the soul of humanity]

The first critical step in implementing change in your life is confession. Self-awareness is the key to growth and development. You can't change unless you first realize a change is required. To believe you need to change is one thing, to confess is another altogether.

I've heard it countless times before. How do I know I need to make changes in my life?

The response: Simply thinking about the notion of implementing change in your life is the first indicator. Your soul is the spiritual representation of your true nature--your true self. When your spirit is at conflict with your physical and outward actions--the life choices you are making--there is conflict. That inner turmoil, that 'tug-of-war' you feel within your mind, when you're happy one minute and unhappy the next, is the clash between your mind--your Ego--and your Soul--your true identity.

You can't buy happiness. It can't be purchased in a book, it can't be found in a store, in another person (male or female companion), you can't find it in your own children or grandchildren, it can only be discovered. To discover happiness is to land on its shores. It's a journey, a trip, a symbolic road trip away from the mundane routines you are already implementing in your life, which must be altered, like a course down the wrong path to the right location.

The Cycle of Patterns, as I call it, clearly defines the steps to implement change. You have to first be aware that a change is required. That is where confession comes in. Secondly, after making the outward verbal confession you must then replicate that action by verbalizing the belief that you are (or are not) what you are at the present moment.

Do not be afraid to come to terms with your short-comings, hindrances or mere necessity of change. Change is great. Change is a wonderful breath of fresh air on a muggy, humid day. Welcome it. Look for it in expectance by creating it with the power of the spoken (and written as you will see) word.

Spend some time along and identify first, the desire and necessity to change. Verbalize it. Say it out loud. Tell a friend, tell a loved one, a stranger, a pet or simply look yourself in the mirror and say, "It's time for a change." This is the first step towards discovering true happiness and changing the present life course of your life.

(to be continued...)

...serving the soul of humanity...

~Bobby Ozuna

The Serving Soul--May 22nd, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--May 22nd, 2011

When does the world end?

In light of the comical following to a fanatical belief [that] the world was supposed to end yesterday, May 21st, 2011, I thought I'd interject with my own poetic rendition to this possibly historical event, by sharing a tale that was relayed to me when I was a child.

There is a passage in the Book of Matthew (first book of the New Testament) where Jesus is asked point blank by his disciples when the world will end. I remember the first time I read this particular passage because as I was spending more time dissecting the scriptures, I couldn't help but ask myself: Why doesn't someone ask the real questions!? Then, ironically, I ran across the scripture myself. I remember feeling justified in that, yes, it seems these disciples were human after all.

I remember asking my father this same question when I was young. I thought it was harmless and my father must have seen in me, the same inquisitiveness stirring at an early age that has since defined my life path--my approach to all aspects of life. His answer was simple and it has been the very response I share to the multitudes of people who have posed the same question to me over the years.

When does the world end?


It ends the day you die.

That was the response my father gave me and looking back, I realize it had a very powerful implication in that one, it did answer the immediate question and secondly, it offered some sense of peace to an inquiring soul like myself. It is no doubt obvious that people can spend so much time tending to the details of this possible known event [that] they put their life on hold and almost quit living altogether. Worse still, if you aren't careful you can find yourself spending a vast majority of your time judging or scaring others into following particiular religious processions because of their own indecision. I think the response is enlightening because it offers a sense of tranquility that says: You only have to worry about what you can control, while you are living, and because of this, your only real obligation to the fear that the "world is going to end soon" is [that] you fulfill a life of purpose until that day.

I have no doubt there are people and groups or organizations who dedicate every resource available to determining a solid answer to this common question: When is the world going to end? But I ask this particular question in return: Is the purpose of such a discovery to help offer a greater sense of life, for the rest of humanity, while we yet live? If not, then there is no reason to chase this illusive tail (or tale for that matter). I see this research and study (or worry) no different than someone who says, "I know which team is going to lose the game!" Then, during the entire course of a sporting event they chant, parade around the house and interrupt other spectators to share their own conclusion on what the final outcome will be. Yes, there is always a 50% chance they might be accurate in their hypothesis. Then, if they are, the euphoria is telling everyone "I was right!" And yes, if they guessed (or somehow evaluated correctly) I think they missed the greatest treasure and reward: They missed the entire game and in focusing on the end result, they caused others to miss the game as well.

Life to me is similar in pattern to a sporting event. There is heightened enthusiasm leading up to the event, then the announcement--the birth of the life participants. Then, the game is commenced and we watch, we look for mistakes, we celebrate the small victories and then we almost die with the hero as they fall short. There are break periods, for the hero's and for all the spectators. There is advise, counsel and coaching along the way. Support is rallied and faith is lost. Then, as the game comes to a close, there are multitudes of professionals offering insight and in time, the hero is forgotten, remembered only on special occasions. We honor their attempt over time and we try not to focus on the losses, but rather the victory their game offered us in mere entertainment--entertainment that pulled the rest of us away from our ordinary, mundane sports of our lives.

I say celebrate the life you have been given, and the time you are aware of, now, as it matters. Because, at the end of the day, what else truly matters, when the game is over?

...serving the soul of humanity...

~Bobby Ozuna

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Serving Soul--May 11th, 2011

What does it take to live a life of reason? A life of value? A life of purpose?

You have to assume that service to others, the unselfish act of living, does NOT come act on behalf of others, selflessly, without concern for your own needs, is a miracle in itself to perform...small miracles, yes...but miraculous  nonetheless. The notion [that] others would heed the subtle whisper of the spirit, to be keen to the sensitivities of others and their necessities and thereby offer it up freely, without consideration for what you (they) need, is a rare and seldom gift. I am a firm believer that when you bless others secretly, God rewards you openly. It is one thing for a man to brag of his own abilities (the egoist) and another to serve for the sake of others without consideration of receiving (the altruist). The altruist is a man I believe, after God's own heart and God loves a cheerful giver and thereby, when you do for others, God opens doors, windows of opportunity and chance happenings that make your life better, not always easier, but better in the sense that you have chance opportunities to do things others work and slave an entire life to hope to experience. As Paulo Coelho says (in summation),  when you are living your personal legend (the life of your soul and your calling) all the Universe conspires in your favor. We all secretly want to see others we believe in the possibility of our own successes. Keep steady...even when it gets hard...and know, you ARE making an impact and influencing lives the way we were called to: as Warriors, Companions, and mostly, as Friends and Brothers.

...serving the soul of humanity...


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"I-Tutor Math"--Announcing the 2011 Summer School!

The "I-Tutor Math" 2011 Summer School is coming up! IF you wish your child to touch elements crucial in developing skills for Middle Grades (6~8), including 9th Grade, to help them master TAKS and fundamental skills, you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SUMMER SCHOOL!!!

The school will be 6 weeks long, focusing on Pre-Algebra and Algebra I fundamental skills. It will begin July 11th and run through August 19th. Six weeks, 3 days a week, 3 hours per day, including 2 hours of study on Tues/Thurs. There are a... total of 66 hours of study/curriculum practice (equivalent to 4.5 months of school time) for a low cost of $400 per child, which totals about $6 per hour, including supplies they can use the entire (and upcoming) school year!

More details to come!!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--March 29th, 2011

"A teacher should never be afraid to push the students beyond the expectations of their culture."

...serving the soul of humanity...

Bobby Ozuna

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Help Fund a School Project with "!"

Help donate funds to your local schools for classroom projects @

I found a GREAT way to help support the efforts of teachers in the! This organization helps connect with schools, based on location (state, city, city, etc) who are in need of funds for their school and classroom. You can scroll through the list of "projects" needing funds and even see the dollar amount requested and receive an email from the requesting teacher or school staff member.

I am happy to say I have connected with by placing their banner and link on my website (scroll down) and I also donated $25 to "Mrs. H's" class at T.A. Sims Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas!

If you consider the "budget crisis" we are facing in our school systems across the US, this is a GREAT way for you, as an individual, to be proactive and help fund money where it matters most--in the classroom!

Happy Donating!

...serving the soul of humanity...

~Bobby Ozuna

Monday, March 21, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--March 21st, 2011

"It is my job to teach them whatever it takes, to teach them whatever it takes for them to learn."

~Bobby Ozuna

Monday, March 14, 2011

"I-Tutor Math"--FRACTIONS

"I Tutor Math"--FRACTIONS

I-Tutor Math FRACTIONS Free Worksheets for Parents and Kids from Ozuna Publications

Dear Parents:

These "practice" worksheets are designed to help strengthen your child's fundamental skills in mathematics. Like sports, we practice a motion, movement, pattern, etc., continuously throughout the week to strengthen our ability to perfect that skills on game day, or for the big 'test.' Math or any classwork should be no different.

There are 3 complimentary worksheets below and a quiz. The concept is simple: You print one sheet per day, three days a week and check their work with them. Then, on Thursday, you give them the quiz but instead of having them do the quiz alone, you have them TEACH YOU each problem. This concept I call The FLAT Square validates mastery in a particular math element.
The continual practice of a particular element is what strengthens their skills and helps commit mathematical concepts to long-term memory.

~Bobby Ozuna

(Instructional Video Coming Soon)

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet #1

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#2

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#3

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Quiz

(Instructional Video, Coming Soon!)

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#1

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#2

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#3

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Quiz

(Instructional Video, Coming Soon!)

Dividing Fractions, Sheet#1

Dividing Fractions, Sheet#2

Dividing Fractions, Sheet#3

Dividing Fractions, Quiz#1

(Instructional Video, Coming Soon!)

Multiplying Fractions, Sheet#1

Multiplying Fractions, Sheet#2

Multiplying Fractions, Sheet#3

Multiplying Fractions, Quiz#1

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--March 2, 2011

"I would rather fall, standing for something, than stand by to watch others fall for nothing at all, or worse, fall for something I could have prevented, if I had only the courage to stand my ground."

That is how I feel when I look the children in the eyes or listen to the concerns of the hundreds of parents I communicate with (regularly) regarding America's approach to education.

~Bobby Ozuna

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Serving Soul--February 26th, 2011

"Be happy with what you have in this world or find the courage to go after what you want. All the talk in between either validates your true desires and passions to make your dreams a reality, or proves your indecision. Life is too short to second guess yourself and life is too precious to spend one moment in regret. Period."

~Bobby Ozuna | 2.26.2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

One more night until the "I-Tutor Math" FRACTIONS Workshop in Fort Worth, Texas!

There is still room available to register for the "I-Tutor Math" FRACTIONS Workshop in Fort Worth, Texas, Saturday, February 19th.

Registration/Workshop Details are below. Cash is easy, but you can bring a Money Order (leave blank).

Registration Starts @ 11:15
Workshop Begins @ 12:00
Drinks provided.
You can bring food and snacks.!!! (PLEASE BRING FOOD!!!)
Workshop Ends @ 4:30

Holiday Inn Express, (@ Western Center)
6351 North Freeway 76131

$25 per Family Unit (1 Adult + 1 Child) $15 for Each Additional Child
I will have paper and pencils.

If you need to contact me, please do so here. If you need to call me, provide your number and I will call you.

I hope to see you tomorrow at 11:15AM!

Bobby Ozuna

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bobby Ozuna interviews one-on-one with RizeMag.TV host, Elio Elizondo, Part II

Watch Part II of a 3-part series of interviews with your info-tainment source, Rizemag.TV and host, Elio Elizondo at Fort Worth's Esoterica Studios as I discuss, share and offer insight into my philosophy to teaching, mentoring, tutoring and also the details behind my work with my non-profit, READ3Zero.

(To watch this video from its original source on YouTube, click HERE).

This video brought to you by RizeMag.TV

....building an environment of household at a time...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bobby Ozuna interviews one-on-one with RizeMag.TV host, Elio Elizondo, Part I

Watch Part I of a 3-part series of interviews with your info-tainment source, Rizemag.TV and host, Elio Elizondo at Fort Worth's Esoterica Studios as I discuss, share and offer insight into my philosophy to teaching, mentoring, tutoring and also the details behind my work with my non-profit, READ3Zero.

(To watch this video from its original source on YouTube, click HERE).

This video brought to you by RizeMag.TV

....building an environment of household at a time...

Tutoring and Teaching Tips For Parents: Building the Environment of Learning

LEARNING requires two things: Attitude & Attempt.

Learning requires an attitude that says, "I will try" and it requires an approach that allows and encourages mistakes. Try telling your kids: "Let's see how many mistakes you can make" instead of saying, "Let's see if you can get this right."

Building an "Environment of Learning" in your home requires a NEW and DIFFERENT approach to teaching, tutoring and mentoring your children. Illiteracy is more than an inability to read, but rather an inability to comprehend what is being read, or what is being taught. To conquer what I call mathematical illiteracy, it will require a different approach to mastering mathematical skills.

Teaching can easily conjure negativity from a student, even from adults, because teaching can easily be misconstrued as "telling me what to do." If you are going to establish a new method, philosophy and approach to helping your child (or children/adults/pupils) learn, then you need to learn how to remove negative stigmas associated with 'telling people what to do.' When you opt to use a mentoring or coaching approach to teaching, you are thereby allowing yourself and your student(s) to receive the information in a more positive way because mentors and coaches HELP without lecturing. A coach or mentor will show us what we did wrong, by encouraging and establishing a faith in our ability to get it right. Lecturing loses focus and lecturing can easily tune people out. None of us like being "told what to do." But, showing someone HOW and WHY to do something, while encouraging mistakes, because you know in time they will get it right, helps relieve the tension and stress associated with having to be perfect all the time.

I encourage my pupils to make as many mistakes as they wish, thereby freeing their mind and focus. Encouraging someone to try something, without fear of reprimand for "not doing it right" helps maintain the positive--I can do it!--attitude and it encourages multiple attempts at failure, which is really a key ingredient to success. You cannot succeed at anything until you have done it wrong so many times, that it becomes impossible later for you to get it wrong. As I am fond of saying, "We learn how to ride a bike because we have fallen so many times." Also, "you never learn how to hit the ball, until you become the kid who is always striking out."

When you encourage a student to make mistakes, by showing them how and why something is or isn't WORKING (as opposed to telling someone how or why something isn't RIGHT) you give them back the creative freedom to LEARN. Allowing a child to think for themselves is critical to retaining the knowledge necessary to comprehend something. We only learn the stove is hot, not after we've been told it is, but after we've touched it. A student/child/adult learner needs to be shown how to do something, and then given a free pass to try it, make a mistake, make adjustments, adapt and correct it, with your mentoring and coaching. This is the embodiment of learning.

Allowing a child/student/pupil to challenge you in your process is just as vital. We have become a society of "do what I say, because I said so" when in reality, we need to change this approach, especially in mathematics, because like fundamental math (problems) there is always more than one way to get the right answer. Encouraging a child to challenge the process teaches them how to become visionaries, to see things differently, try a new method, and discover a way that works best, all for the sake of mastering an element--with homework, in the classroom or in Life.

I challenge and encourage you to break loose of the philosophy that a child has to do homework because "you said so" but rather encourage your child/student/pupil to make mistakes, with you by their side, coaching them, mentoring them and challenging them to think freely or creatively, all for the sake of proper learning.

...building an environment of learning, one household at a time...

~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President/Co-Founder, READ3Zero Non-Profit Literacy Foundation
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Tutor

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bobby Ozuna discusses the upcoming READ3Zero "I-Tutor Math" Fractions Workshop on

The upcoming READ3Zero "I-Tutor Math" FRACTIONS Workshop for Parents & Children, grades 5th through 8th is coming to Fort Worth, Texas!

For information regarding registration, contact Bobby Ozuna HERE.

...building an establishment of learning, one household at a time...

~Bobby Ozuna
Co-Founder, READ3Zero
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Tutor

Friday, February 11, 2011

What does it take to help educate our children?

Recently, I was asked my professional opinion in regards to educating our children.

The question: What will it take to better educate our children?

My Response:
It will take each of us. The more we get involved with learning, to better help & SERVE our children's needs at home, the easier it will be to teach them new things. When we make it OUR job to teach them, our children will learn to conquer the world.
On the 19th of February, YOU can participate in a movement, an attitude and an approach to educating OUR children, with my non-profit's new math workshops designed to help teach PARENTS and their CHILDREN how to conquer basic, fundamental maath skills.

The READ3Zero Non-Profit Literacy Foundation's NEW  "I-Tutor Math" Fractions Workshop is open to any and all parents with children in grades 5th through 8th. The cost is ONLY $25 per family unit ( 1 adult + 1 child) and we will learn to master basic Fractions together...thereby creating what I call: An Environment of Learning.
I need YOUR help to help OUR children....because OUR children, are OUR future.

If you are local to the Tarrant County (greater Fort Worth, Texas) area and you would like more information or would like to participate in this 4.5 hour workshop with a child, grades 5th through 8th, please contact me HERE.

The READ3Zero "I-Tutor Math" FRACTIONS Workshop!

...building an Environment of household at a time...

Bobby Ozuna
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here it is, finally, a cure for depression!

Stop being depressed.

Repeat this to yourself until you convince your mind of this truth and thereby quit acting, doing, performing, behaving, thinking, plotting, determining, arguing, contemplating, or anything else on behalf of a depressive state of mind, which is just that, a state of mind.


Bobby Ozuna

How Do You Know You Are On The Right Path?

You want to know how you're on the "right path?" When people come into your lives, on parallel and similar paths, who are doing and sharing a vision similar to yours...and without effort, your visions come together to bless the masses. There is no easier validation than that.

We are meant to serve a greater purpose, greater than fancy purses, fancy shoes, fancy cars or homes, or credit scores...none of this means anything at the end of the day, when compared to what you can offer the world, or a single person in relation to helping mentor and council others to better their lives. And when people come into your life, with the same heart and desire, the same passion to help others, it is, by all means a divine appointment of greater cause...and it is your validation that you are truly living the life you were meant and purposed to fulfill.

Faith is an action word and it is not bound to a particular religion or philosophy or ideology, but instead, a word used to describe the action you take on behalf of a thought or belief (system). Having the courage to abandon all fear, knowing you may make a fool of yourself, oftentimes is the first act of genius.

As I tell my students...dare to be different...dare to dream...dare to do the the rest of us can dare to dream the impossible.

...serving the soul of humanity...

~Bobby Ozuna
Writer. Speaker. Teacher.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

READ3Zero Literacy Foundation Announces NEW Math Workshop Series for Adults & Children!

READ3Zero "I-Tutor Math" FRACTIONS Workshop for Adults & Children (5th~8th grade)

READ3Zero "I-Tutor Math" FRACTIONS Workshop for Parents & Kids (5th~8th grade)

This workshop is designed to help parents learn how to better facilitate FRACTIONS at home, and also teach the child how to master basic fractions by teaching their parents. The concept is to learn together, thereby creating an 'environment of learning' in the home.

*Drinks will be provided. Guests are encouraged to bring food and snacks.
Pencils, scratch paper and handouts will be provided for this event.*

Topics / Workshop Outline

  • Introduction (30 Mins)
  • Math Review and Warm Up (30 Mins)
  • BREAK (15 Mins)
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions w/Different Denominators (40 Mins)
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions w/Same Denominators (40 Mins)
  • BREAK (15 Mins)
  • Multiplying Fractions (15 Mins)
  • Dividing Fractions (15 Mins)
  • BREAK (15 Mins)
  • Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers (15 Mins)
  • Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions (15 Mins)
  • Debrief (10 Mins)
  • Close-Q&A (Open)

The cost for this workshop is discounted at 50% OFF! The cost PER FAMILY UNIT (one adult + one child) is only $25!!!

You can RSVP by contacting me directly via Facebook or via email HERE.

Payment can be made at the door for $25 cash (bring exact change please) or if you prefer, a PayPal link can be provided.

Thank you for helping us create an environment of learning and master mathematical elements in the home!

~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President & Co-Founder, READ3Zero Literacy Foundation for Kids

Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

Holiday Inn Express, Western Center @ Google Maps:
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Monday, January 31, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 31st, 2011

"Dare to be different...dare to dream...dare to do the impossible...thereby making the way for the rest of us...possible to dare to dream."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 28th, 2011

"Every man has a vice. A man without a vice, is a man who has no need of a god."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 26th, 2011

"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel you are working so hard to find, is the very light you bear in your soul. Have the courage to show your light, to be your best, to represent your passions in the name of Love and Service to others and I guarantee you--you will find your way out of that dark place all on your own, by the light you naturally resonate."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 10th, 2011

Bobby Ozuna--Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher.

"The epitome of sample is a living example."

Dare to lead the way for others to follow...Dare to take the unbeaten path...Dare to discover what lies beyond comprehension, for the sake of the world's higher learning.

~Bobby Ozuna

Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Monday, January 10, 2011

Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing Shares Insight Into The Entire Publishing Process

My co-founder for my non-profit literacy foundation, READ3Zero, and client, Melissa M. Williams is launching a great new blog series which will offer insight, inspiration, and clarity to the writing, editing, publishing and distributing process for creating a children's chapter-book series. With the upcoming release of her third chapter-book for kids and first in a new spin-off series called, Turtle Town Books, Melissa will share the process, both from a publisher and author's perspective, with all her readers.

"With a new teaching adventure and audience, I will be starting a weekly blog series called, The Making of a New Children's Series.  In this weekly writing, I will reveal some of the important lessons I have learned after starting my first series, Iggy the Iguana, and later working in the literary world as the President and owner of Read3Zero and LongTale Publishing."

Click this link to read the article, The Making of a New Children's Series, Part I.

...serving the soul of humanity...and all your writing, publishing and marketing needs...

~Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

"Drawing the Story"--January 9th, 2011

Melissa M. Williams and the Turtle Town Books Series

The initial revisions of my client's new children's chapter-book series Turtle Town, have officially begun. I submitted the newly revised and highly dramatic Prelude to Melissa M. Williams' new story, the first in a spin-off series from Iggy the Iguana. And, I have to add--it is great!
Melissa M. Williams and the Turtle Town Books Series

The storyline is good and it is complete. My responsibility is to add depth and drama to the storyline, characters and overall plot. There are many elements to consider when "fattening" a story--such as history to a character, psychological function of that character in relation to their surroundings and drawing a picture that quickly identifies with an audience, but prepares the reader to embark on an adventure they may not fully understand.

I have attached a copy of a draft page from the Prelude to Turtle Town, showing the vast array of considerations and corrections necessary to accomplish this feat. It is not easy, not when you consider you--as the editor and book coach--cannot get into the author's mind to fully comprehend their vision for the story, and even more complicated when you consider the vast array of elements that can and should be added to build a thoroughly complicated, insightful and highly complex dramatic storyline.

I am on a tight time-line to complete this task by February 6th of this year, as this first book in a new series will release May of 2011. I am excited to be a part of another book project from Melissa Williams and her staff at LongTale Publishing and even more excited because I am now playing a greater, more pivotal role in the development of this book project.

Stay tuned for more details!

~Bobby Ozuna
Author. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Volunteers Wanted for READ3Zero Walk/Fun Run for Literacy!

I would like to share my vision for a new project/fundraiser for my non-profit, READ3Zero and I'm looking for volunteers or experts in the Tarrant County (TX) area to help teach, direct, lead, help, facilitate or coach me and my organization through hosting a fun-run/walk to help raise money for our organization's literacy and math projects.

The READ3Zero Non-Profit Literacy Foundation for Kids:


I would like to host a 5K fun-run and a 1K walk to help raise money for my non-profit, READ3Zero ( I would like to add our own twist to the 1K walk, by asking everyone who participates in the 1K (kids/adults) to bring with them their favorite book, showing the outward stance and their love and passion for reading.

The proceeds would fund our projects such as:
  • Creative Writing Workshops for Kids
  • Illustration Camps for Kids
  • the annual I-Write short-story anthology, which publishes children stories, poems, illustrations and cover-art
  • the i-Tutor Math workshops which help teach parents AND kids how to master math skills at home
  • book donations to local Tarrant County Schools

I would like to host the event in the Tarrant County area.

I don't know where to start, other than create the vision as I have....I am asking each of you who are interested (including your family and children) in participating in our non-profit as official volunteers to summon the call and help us get this project started.

I would like this fun-run/walk to commence within the next 12 months.

  • If you have questions about READ3Zero you can visit our homepage:
  • If you would like to sponsor our projects as an individual or your organization can contribute to our non-profit by contacting me HERE.

I truly appreciate the support.

Thank you for helping us "conquer illiteracy together...30 minutes at a time!"

~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President / Co-Founder, READ3Zero Literacy Foundation for Kids
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

"The Serving Soul"--Jan 5, 2011

Bobby Ozuna--Author. Motivational Speaker. Teacher.

"Sometimes the mistakes we make in life and the struggles we undergo are purposed, designed specifically to mold our character and make us the people we are supposed to be later in life, to become the personification of Hope, Encouragement and Inspiration for the world."


...serving the soul of humanity...
~Bobby Ozuna
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Drawing the Story: TURTLE TOWN

I started my new project for my client, Melissa M. Williams and her new spin-off series to Iggy the Iguana--the Turtle Town Series!

One of my duties in the publishing world is to work as what I call, a book coach. As a book coach I am responsible for more than mere editing. There are variances of classification to editing a book, which range from line-editing, type-setting, editing for grammar and punctuation to the most crucial part of work, I believe: editing the story content. My job as a book coach for LongTale Publishing is to not only edit for typical mistakes, but add depth to the storyline, from plot, character development to theme. As a student to such writers as mythologist Joseph Campbell, psychologist Carl Jung and story consultant, Christopher Vogler, I incorporate my studies of the human condition into novels to help add the necessary archetypes and drama necessary to identify with an audience.

I shared my new additions to her story today and she loved them! I helped re-write the Prelude to the story, adding the necessary components to build the theme for the story. The story backdrop is surfing but the theme is related more to finding and staying true to yourself, your true self. Or, as we say in Turtle Town--your inner puka! By adding the theme we are able to make the event--surfing--a backdrop to the story, as opposed to making the story just "another story about surfing." 

I am on a six weeks schedule to completely edit, polish and build a 15 chapter book by February 6th of this year. I am excited about the changes and I can't wait for this book to complete!

If you would like a consultation for book coaching services, contact Bobby Ozuna

...serving the soul of humanity...
~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President, READ3Zero Literacy Foundation for Kids
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Your Children Won't Learn, Until You Change Your Attitude

Apathy can be defined as 1.) the absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement and 2.) the lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. I define apathy as the cultural disease that prohibits a society, community, family or household from progressive growth. It is an involuntary philosophical approach that counters any forward and upward development and it is usually manifested in the behaviors of what we call our "culture" and our "traditions." Apathy is a primary root cause of lack and the reason why our children have little or nothing to look forward to, because to them: "Nobody cares!"

It is not good enough for us as parents to say we 'care' about our child(s)/children's well-being and education, but yet do little or anything to create the appropriate influence to bring about  the necessary change to lay forth an appropriate path for them to follow.

If you want your child to perform better at school, the burden of responsibility does not fall on the educational system. To use the stance, "Our schools are failing our children" or "The system is failing them" and do nothing about it, is to operate in an apathetic mode. This is a misconception and a perception that is presently haunting so many parents today and an approach that will only hinder our children in the future. If you want your child to perform better in school, if you want them to get the "best education possible" then you are going to have to take it upon yourself to teach them yourself--period.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
Anais Nin

There are entirely too many resources at our disposal in today's age to not have a means, method or tools for helping our children learn. The Internet is full of resources, websites, study-guides, teaching tools, videos, etc., etc., etc., that if implemented in your household, can greatly influence your child's ability to learn, willingness to want to learn and capacity for learning. The key ingredient is YOU.

Do I believe the education system today is designed to truly teach our children? No. Do I believe the educational system is responsible? Yes and No. I believe they are responsible because that, at the end of the day, is what they are here for. But, I never presume to assume or believe my children will ever learn more in a classroom than they will at home with me. It is my responsibility, as it is our duty as parents, to learn the material they are studying, for the sake of being able to offer the support they need to properly learn.

Learning requires two ingredients: Attitude & Attempt. When I tutor I use an approach I call "The Flat Square." FLAT stands for Focus, Listen, Attempt and Teach. The "Square" represents how it is done...again...and again...and again. Routine creates habit and habit determines excellence. In my last article, "Building an Environment of Learning In Your Home" I offered tips for changing the attitude and culture of your household. Attitude is contagious and as we said in the Marine Corps, attitude reflects leadership. If you don't care, or we don't care enough as parents, how could we ever expect our children to care? It is up to you to set the tone, lead by example and make learning a priority in your household.

...serving the soul of humanity...
Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

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